In 7th grade history class, Mr. Sigler was my teacher. We had to create a poem that spoke about war. I am a creative, but I hate poems, I hate crafting words to have a deeper meaning. My personality is too direct for the metaphors of life. I appreciate and look for deeper meanings, but I can't make them pretty. Needless to say I failed the paper but got roaring claps and a good laugh from the class. The poem went like this:

"War. What is war.

War is war. Why do we have war

What does it mean?


What is war. War is war.

Think about it...."

Thank you *takes bow...goes back to seat*

I can still see Mr. Sigler's face after I presented my poem. #priceless

I've screwed up a lot.

Ive had some major wins. And some bad losses.

Everything hasn't always made sense.

I haven't always made sense to everyone.

I've talked about people.

People have talked about me.

I've talked about friends.

Friends have talked about me.

I've sinned enough to not have repentance.

I've had enough faith to be forgiven.

I've had my heart broken, a couple times.

I've wanted things so bad, it's caused me to make horrible choices.

I've wanted things so bad, it's caused me to make the best decisions I've ever made.

May 2006, I decided to move to Chicago. Two months later i'd be packing my bags to embark on a journey to adulthood. It hasn't always been pretty. But what it has been is an experience. Taking risks, some calculated, others stupid...will always out weigh not doing anything. Everyone has their own path, their own decisions. There is no right or wrong way to do anything. Contrary to popular belief, you can fall a hundred plus times and pick yourself up.

The more risk you take in life, the more likely you'll be judged; and also more successful.

But the experiences and people I've met because of taking a risk, will never be lost.

I've actually gained.

I never ate alone while on my trip.

I laughed a lot.

I prayed.

I walked.

I trusted my own intuition.

I breathed.

Don't be afraid to be afraid. Don't be afraid to be lost at times. More importantly, don't be afraid to be challenged.

People + Experiences = Growth.

I hope my stories and experiences help someone out there in the cyber world. If it doesn't, this is just really good content for my optimization online. Welcome to my blog book.

Peace & Blessings,

A. Perspective

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