(6) double shot's of Jameson & a Guinness please! #Dublin

Well, Im back. I took a rather long break, but Im back and ready to get these stories back in a loop. Where did we end off? Ahh yes. Dublin. I wish I could have this amazing story of three girls that met each other at the Dublin International airport, and set off on a wonderful adventure through the countryside of Ireland...eating corn beef hash and potatoes. But its not, this story takes a different turn. We wanted it to be an educational journey through Ireland... but no one told us that Dublin is the Vegas of the United Kingdom. So with that being said, this story takes a very interesting turn, and it started the day we went on the Guinness Beer Tour.

Actually, Let's rewind for a second. I think you need some context to the women you see in the picture to your left. Obviously, me in the middle. You have Julie (behind me) and Ambar (in front of me). Well, there are 2 other ladies that aren't pictured that are generally in our crew. These two ladies are normally far more chill than the three of us, generally giving us a healthy balance when we go out either locally or internationally. Between the 5 of us, someone or two become the more responsible ones for the nights festivities, and makes sure everything is going well. When you take those key components out of this formula, it can be pretty hilarious. Because between the three cute faces you see pictured. There is no chill. Like zero. Bad ideas, become great ideas.... fun evenings..become epic evenings. You get the drift, its pure comedy. So with that being said. Dublin.

Dublin is one of those places, by day is very charming. It looks like a quant neighborhood, brick roads and very friendly people. People riding bikes and the Irish flag aligning most of the street corners next to your local block bar. Wait what? yeah. You heard me correctly, there is probably a pub on every corner in Dublin. What made it worse, Dublin is a very affordable city in comparison to other major cities in the world. So sitting, having a beer and talking for hours is a very easy thing to do, without breaking the bank.

The week before, while in London. I had a blast meeting new people and exploring. But, I was so excited to see my friends and have a 4 day weekend to hang out and have some fun. Julie was coming from Amsterdam, Ambar was coming from Chicago and I was coming from London. We actually got our flights to sync pretty nicely. One thing I did notice, unlike in the states; make sure you have cash or credit card prepared to take a shuttle into the city centre. I see that more commonly in Europe than in the states, that their airports are further out, and they have a lot of shuttle services that take you to the city centre. With that said, we purchased a round trip ticket and headed into Dublin.

Our Airbnb, was amazing. We got a great deal on it, and we were right downtown in the Temple Bar area. Another side note: Temple Bar, as we found out, is a very touristy area. Many people go in that area, like if you were staying on the strip in vegas, or going to the Magnificent Mile..Rodeo Drive ..etc. You get what I mean. We did not know that going into getting the Airbnb, but it turned out to be better; we were able to meet people from other parts of the U.K.

Once we were settled, we decided to explore. Another problem with the 3 of us, is none of us wanted to do the cultured things, and definitely didn't want to get caught in a tour trap. So we figured, we'd eat and explore the city ourselves.

We decided to head to the Guinness Storehouse Experience. They had apparently recently remodeled it, so everything was very new and interactive. Of course, we skipped the first 3 floors and made our way to the tasting portion of the tour.

When I tell you the beer was amazing. It was amazing. Even if you aren't a beer/stout drinker; you will love the Guinness beer in Dublin. Guinness beer is so fresh, it taste more like soda (pop) than anything. On the tour, we were able to get a free tasting along with an explanation of how they make the beer.

We headed to the top floor of the storehouse, were it was absolutely amazing. There had to be about 4 to 5 restaurants and Guinness beer taps everywhere. The best part was going to the main tap room that was all glass, you were able to see an ariel view of the city of Dublin. If you stopped reading this to look for the skyline view, dont waste your breathe; it was horrible. Sorry Dublin, there wasn't much to see. And you would think, with how far we were up there and the amount of glass in that room...the skyline should of been super impressive. It was not. So with that being said, there are no pictures of that. But I did get to practice my professional camera skills, the lighting was amazing in there. Anyway back to the story.

So we get to the top and start drinking, (they give you one free tall beer with the tour); After one glass, you are feeling it a bit. The beer was pretty strong. So we decided to leave and continue to another place. Th

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