Entrepreneurship... It Ain't for Everybody! Sitting Down with Ashley Winston

i sat down with Ashley Winston to discuss my past mistakes and successes as an Entrepreneur and how to identify what type of entrepreneur you are. Quick Peek




Things every entrepreneur should know.

The global pandemic has entrepreneurship on the rise. Why? Because entrepreneurs are problem solvers! Throughout history, businesses have played a key role in helping society make a comeback from economic calamity. But let’s be honest, entrepreneurship...ain’t for everybody! The more you learn about business, the more you recognize the need for ongoing personal development, self- awareness, and intentional sacrifices. Whether you’re in the beginning phases of your start-up company or the CEO of a successful boutique, I know you’re going to locate yourself in Episode 24: Entrepreneurship Ain’t for Everybody.

Join me and business strategist @whoisapayden as we share our personal stories about navigating through business as women of faith. With every milestone and achievement, there are also valleys of lows just before the hilltop. The question is, what will you do when you hit a rough patch in your faith, business, and life? Will you push through to see a return on your investment or will you throw in the towel and watch others manifest their dreams from the sidelines? ⁣ ⁣

Tune in as we dive deep into topics like developing a daily routine to help you manage your energy and maximize your productivity. We discuss ways to scale your business and how to select the right team for where you’re headed. Seriously, this episode is a motivational punch, therapy session, and HR seminar wrapped into one!


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