Moral of the Story: Derrick Jaxn

Many of you may know Derrick Jaxn and some of you may not. Derrick Jaxn is a relationship coach and author; that speaks to women specifically about finding the right man and not taking crap from cheaters... Ironically, in recent events Derrick Jaxn has been caught with multiple women, one claiming to have had abortion. So, a man is dating multiple women - not a problem right? Unfortunately for Derrick - he was married for over 15 years, with multiple children - and while doing many of his videos on instagram, he was driving to see one of his mistresses. Yikes!! But, thats not why I am really here talking about this right now. I dont want any of us to miss the Moral Of the Story.

Because of this situation, had around a 55k reach on FB and 1.3MIL followers on Instagram, average 25k comments, 500k + views per post. So (10)% engagement rate...

📌In sales. You have 3 typical levels of conversion/close rate (ie) <people actually buy your product percentages.>



10% - lowest of the (3) / online that’s about




1% - close rate.

📌His book on Amazon is bundled for $43.00 and sold separately for $11.00 —> let’s say he got 10% of his followers to buy his book. (Avg. 5k) ppl.

📌Derrick Jax just made around ($55k) on 1 book and around ($215,00.00) for the bundle in gross revenue. So $270k in less than 48hrs .... and that’s on the low end...

📌The larger your reach.The better your close rate, he or someone on his team knew that.

📌By the time this is all over he could have made over $1MIL in gross revenue.... in less than (3) months

📌So who is really winning...🥴 you don’t need everyone to like you. Just 10%

Want to know how to start your business, and get a better reach? ✏️

Go follow @thinksmark 🧠

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